The Queen’s Gambit Anya Taylor-Joy Is A Huge Harry Melling Fan Music

The Queen’s Gambit Anya Taylor-Joy Is A Huge Harry Melling Fan

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Time icon December 4, 2020   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:37 AM

Anya Taylor-Joy is currently on the ninth cloud as she received a wave of critical acclaim for her performance in the super hit Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

The actress has revealed that she was mesmerized by meeting Harry Potter alum, Harry Melling. They met on her show for the first time as Harry plays the character of Harry Beltik in the series. The British actor is one of Anya’s character Beth Harmon’s chess competitors.

The actress has revealed that it was a fan-girl moment when she met Harry. Harry Potter fans would recognize him as Harry’s spoiled cousin, Dudley Dursley. In her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Anya revealed she left a few minutes before she let Harry know she is a huge fan.

She said: “I timed it correctly, which is not in the first 10 minutes, but not exceeding 10 minutes… You have to get it out of the way… [otherwise] it gets weird and then you kept something from them. So it’s better just to get it out of the way.” The actress shared that she is officially on the property ladder.

Anya bought a home in London as she shared that she bought her first house which is exciting. She shared, “I doubt we’ll have furniture anytime soon, but it has a roof and I feel good about that.” Although the actress revealed she will not be sharing her new home with her dog.

The actress shared that she had a wonderful dog but her grandmother had lost her husband last year. She explained because of which her dog is with her grandma and that she might not get her dog back now.

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“I don’t think I’m beautiful enough to be in films.”

The Queen’s Gambit alum said, “I have a wonderful dog, but my grandmother, unfortunately, lost her husband last year, so my dog is currently with grandma and I don’t think I’m getting her back and that’s OK. I’ve made peace with that… She’s a little guardian angel.”

Anya had recently revealed that she does not see herself as beautiful to be cast in films. She shared how she has gone far enough to call herself ugly. “I have never and I don’t think I will ever think of myself as beautiful,” The Sun quotes the striking actress as saying. “I don’t think I’m beautiful enough to be in films.”

The actress shared how her boyfriend warns her that people might think she is an absolute jerk for saying these things. However, she revealed that she thinks she is “weird-looking”. “I won’t go to the cinema to watch my own film, I’ll watch it before. The beauty of being in your own skin is that you don’t have to look at your own face,” shared the beautiful actress.

Anya shared how she had a panic attack when she was cast in the Netflix series. The series is an adaptation of the movie of Jane Austen Emma. She explained how she thought firstly that she is ugly Emma and she cannot do this. The actress’ first line in the show, however, was, “I’m handsome, clever, and rich”.

She revealed that she is ready to do a second season of the Netflix series. The show is originally based on the book by American author Walter Tevis. Speaking to Town & Country, Anya said: “If I’ve learned anything from being in this industry, it never say never.”

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“I think the rest of her life will surely be an adventure as well”

The Queen’s Gambit star revealed how she adores the character and would come back if she is asked to. However, she thinks they left her character, Beth, in a good place. “I think the rest of her life will surely be an adventure as well, but in the quest that she goes on in this to find some form of peace, just some form of being able to be happy with who she is. I think it ends in a nice place.”

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The series has gained a huge amount of fans among both chess professionals as well as game strategists and fashionistas. One thing about the actress that we did not know was that she has a photographic memory. Which means when handing her the scripts were pretty easy.

Anya also describes herself as an empath which enables her to feel others’ emotions intensely. The actress shared, “By the time I got to play her I didn’t have the energy to create a wall between me and her. So, if she was having a bad day, I was having a bad day.”

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