Dillon Danis Gets Trolled Online After Suggesting Logan Paul is Cheating on Fiancee Nina Agdal

The public rivalry and cold blood between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul is pretty much known to all by now. The two of them fought earlier this month in the boxing ring that ended in Logan Paul humiliating Danis and taking home the victory. However, this is not it!

Dillon Danis, Logan Paul, and Nina Agdal

Dillon Danis, in the lead up to the fight has been posting pictures of Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal that were considered by many to be ‘inappropriate’ and ‘crossing the line’. Dillon Danis also had to face lawsuits from Nina for posting her pictures online without consent, particularly those pictures that were private and not on the internet prior to Dillon sharing it on his social media accounts.

Dillon Danis did not stop tweeting or sharing pictures of Nina on his social media accounts despite the lawsuits. And now? The UFC star recently published a picture of Logan Paul with another girl implying that Paul was actually cheating on his fiancee, Nina.

What Happened?

After the picture was released by Dillon on X (formerly known as Twitter), fans immediately began trolling Dillon for making such a claim without any concrete evidence. In the post that Dillon shared, Logan is seen standing next to a girl that is not Nina in a place that seemingly looks like a fine-dining restaurant.

Dillon captioned the picture “this doesn’t look like Nina buddy. thoughts he was the love of your life???”

It was later that Logan Paul’s close friend Mike Maljlak revealed that in-fact the girl in the picture with Logan Paul is Mike’s girlfriend and Mike had gone for a loo break for 30 seconds. He jokingly commented “and even worse with MY girlfriend when i went to the bathroom for 30 seconds. i am MAD at Logan rn”

Twitter Trolls Dillon Danis

Twitter users have trolled Dillon for being a ‘keyboard warrior’ and not actually coming through in the boxing ring against Logan Paul. Some of the comments under Dillon’s original post are:

  • “Looks like Logan is the love of your life with the amount of times you talk about him”
  • Brother still talking to the same guy after not throwing a punch during his entire fight with him…
  • If you spent more time learning how to throw a punch than you did on twitter you might have embarrassed yourself less in the ring.
  • Bro got community noted trying to troll

The community note on Dillon Dani’s post read” this is actually Mike Mijlak’s girlfriend while they were out for dinner with Logan Paul. Mike had stepped away to go to the bathroom for 30 seconds when this photo was taken.”

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