Memo Salinas Leads The New Wave Of Latin American Entrepreneurs

The Salinas family has been at the forefront of innovation in Mexican business for generations. Yet, as opposed to many business families of high pedigree, the Salinas heritage has not bred complacency or inertia.

In fact quite the opposite.

The millennial generation Salinas family is being led by contemporary entrepreneur Memo Salinas who has risen to prominence as a unifier of Latin American entrepreneurs in the drive towards bringing Latin America to the first world economy.

Memo (short for Guillermo) also recently partnered with the wolf of wall street- Jordan Belfort- to bring Belfort’s entrepreneurial brand of motivation to the growing audience of Latin American entrepreneurs who follow Memo. Beyond just motivating them, Memo takes time to groom and collaborate with many of his Latin contemporaries on his new podcast show, where he highlights key initiatives that are propelling Latin American economies forward.

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