Kim Joo Yeon, of ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha,’ to debut in a Korean remake of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet

Kim Joo Yeon has been confirmed to play Oh Tae Ri, Hae Mun’s lover, in ‘Jochiwon Hae Mun,’ according to Big Boss Entertainment on November 11th. The film only ended production a month ago, and fans are excited to see what kind of role she’ll play on screen.

‘Jochiwon Hae Mun’ is a film based on a play of the same name, and it satirizes the reality of urban development’s hunger for power and greed for the material. The storyline of ‘Hamlet,’ one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies, is told in a Korean tone, with Chungcheong Province dialect added to heighten the tragedy of the play.

Kim Joo Yeon plays Oh Tae Ri, Oh Bu Won’s daughter, and Oh Tae Goo’s younger brother, Hae Mun (Nam Yun Ho), was in a relationship with her in the film. The opposition of his family, as well as Hae Mun’s new appearance, cause her to worry.

As a result, Kim Joo Yeon intends to blend into the picture and tale by portraying Oh Tae Ri, who is gradually becoming exhausted in both body and mind as a result of the numerous pressures and oppressions she encounters on a daily basis.

In the previous tvN drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha,‘ she played Han Yoon Kyung and demonstrated her potential as a next-generation actor by portraying an innocent yet rough-around-the-edges character with a delicate expressive power. Her speech about the hardships that a pregnant lady goes through in one of the episodes gave her the extra boost of popularity she needed. Also, because this is Kim Joo Yeon’s first film appearance, there are high expectations for the work’s charm to captivate the public.

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