Drake & Crew Seen At Strip Club After Astroworld Tragedy

Drake & Crew Seen At Strip Club After Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott and Drake were photographed at an afterparty just hours after the event was cancelled; drawing significant condemnation. That rage has only intensified once it was revealed that Drake attended another party a day after the Astroworld disaster; at a strip club in Houston; where it was already being claimed that people had died.

The news has cast a new perspective on Drake’s apologies, which had previously been praised. Shots showing Drake at the club are just the latest addition to the singer’s and Scott’s mounting dispute about their positions at Astroworld on November 5.

Both singers are now facing various lawsuits, and they’re quiet in the aftermath which was not well received by fans. On November 5, there was a stampede, and on November 6, there were reports of multiple deaths. Drake did not apologise until November 9th, when he issued a brief message over Instagram.

So, what did he do for the previous four days? According to The Sun, the musician was out partying with his entourage at a local strip joint. Drake is seen dancing in Area 29 in now-deleted posts, much to the joy of the dancers. The singer is said to be frequent at the club, having gone there a week before his Astroworld engagement.

It’s not apparent who owns the strip joint. According to OpenGuv data, the club is owned by RHOH LLC, a Houston-based company. Tiauna Arnett and Tiffany White are named as managing members of the firm, which is tied to agent Larry D. White. We don’t know who these folks are or whether they have any ties to Drake; because there isn’t much information about them. The company is thought to have lately changed its name to ‘Who Want The Smoke.’

Two Instagram Posts Indicating Drake Was At A Party Have Been Taken Down

Earl Thomas, a former Seattle Seahawks player, is said to be the bar’s proprietor, according to many tweets and Reddit posts. Based on Thomas’ Instagram account, this appears to be the case. He posted a video in November 2020 that said, “Grand opening this Wednesday, November 25th”. He then proceeded to show another shot from the opening. However, the Instagram account Thomas tagged has now been deactivated, although the bar Drake visited appears to maintain a live account.

On November 7, the Area 29 Instagram account posted, “Two floors covered with money and EVERY DANCER who worked last night went home happy. Thank y’all for the love and support. WE RUNNING IT BACK 2 NIGHT! SUNDAY FUNDAY.” That post is still up, while another, which has now been deleted tags Drake. 

It didn’t take The Sun long to figure out that Drake was at the party, due to another Instagram picture from his pal DJ Akademiks. A man can be heard saying “Say thanks Drake!” in the now-deleted video; which shows smiling dancers counting cash. The musician and his staff are said to have spent around a million dollars that night; but the actual figure is unknown. The celebration took place less than 48 hours after the incident, prompting some online censure.

Drake has yet to reply to the charges, but the fact that the two posts have since been removed has many people scratching their heads. Following the cancellation of the event, the singer is said to have gone to Dave & Buster’s with Scott. As previously reported, Scott fled the party after learning of the incident; although it was unclear whether Drake did as well.

In any case, his presence at Area 29 brings his apologies to the forefront. Drake claimed to have spent “the past few days trying to wrap my head around this devastating tragedy,” but we now know that wasn’t the case for at least one day.

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