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Karan Kundrra Frustrated After His Name Is Confused With Raj ‘Kundra’ In Ongoing Controversy

Actor Karan Kundrra’s frustration was at its peak when he came across his name and photo being used in place of businessman Raj Kundra.

Raj Kundra was arrested on a charge of being involved in a pornography racket and it has been making the headlines in Bollywood off late. However, Raj and Karan have the same surname which caused a lot of trouble for Karan Kundrra.

What Did Karan Say?

Talking to an entertainment tabloid, Karan Kundrra expresses his frustration saying : “Not just my picture, some also used my name. When I woke up and opened my Twitter, I saw a lot of people had thought that it was actually me who was caught in the controversy, and were tweeting about it while tagging me. It took me a while to figure out what actually happened, and that it was Raj Kundra,” Karan shares.

‘Karan Kundrra arrested for making porn films’ – this was the headline he saw in one of the papers! Now, he has been wondering about its consequences in the future.

Similar Mistakes In The Past

This has happened before as well when someone called me Shilpa Shetty’s husband, which was taken in a lighter manner”, Karan Kundrra shared. But this time, evidently the things were different and the criminal charge in question was more severe.

“Initially, it was quite amusing, but later on I was quite ticked off by it. That was quite funny and frustrating at the same time,” he adds.

While Karan does not blame anyone for these type of errors that happen, he cannot undo the impact it could have on his career at the same time.

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