Puneet Kaur Reveals The Private Message That Raj Kundra Sent Her On Instagram

YouTuber Puneet Kaur has come out open and said that the husband of Shilpa Shetty, businessman Raj Kundra had once sent her a private text message on social media. The message was allegedly related to the pornography racket that Raj Kundra was a part of, for which he had now been arrested.

If you are not yet aware, Raj Kundra is married to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and he recently made headlines because he was arrested by the Mumbai police crime unit earlier this week.

‘Rot In Jail’

Puneet Kaur took to her Instagram stories in shock and wrote, “Brooo do you OGS remember our verified DM video where he reached out to me for hotshots!?!? Im deaaad.” She continued, “I can’t even WTF this mans was really luring people -we literally thought it was spam when he sent that DM to me!? Jesus Christ man rot in jail.”

Puneet also embedded some scenes from the past video in question, in which she and two others could be seen discussing the DM that she received from Raj Kundra, and all of them were wondering if Raj’s account had been compromised with (hacked).

The Background

“This man has had a midlife crisis, probably, messing with girls to go to Hotshot.com to do something strange, I don’t know” one man in the video is heard saying, after the three Googled the website. “I think his account got hacked,” the other man says, and the first man notes, “That would be giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

Raj Kundra was booked under sections 420 (cheating), 34 (general intention), 292, and 293 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) coupled with the major relevant sections of the IT Act and the Indecent Representation of the Women’s Act. (Preventive).

“There was a case registered with Crime Branch Mumbai in February 2021 regarding the making of pornographic films and publishing them through other applications. We have arrested Mr Raj Kundra in this case on 19/7/21 as he is seen as the main leader of this. We have enough evidence in this regard, ”the Mumbai police commissioner said in a statement following Raj Kundra’s arrest.

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