Fans Are Excited About Bella Poarch's New Video. Here's Why

Fans Are Excited About Bella Poarch’s New Video. Here’s Why

Bella Poarch has announced a new music video on her TikTok account. The influencer revealed that the date of release as of August 13th. She even shared a teaser of the video which includes Twitch streamers Disguised Toast. Adin Ross, Ludwig and TommyInnit.

The music video Inferno will also include alternative artist, Sub Urban as a bartender. Bella’s latest music video will be a follow-up to her first single, Build a B—h from May 2021. The TikTok star is known for her dark twintails and her exaggerated face. She explained that the upcoming song and music video is about sexual assault.

Bella shared that this was something she has not been ready to share with everyone. She added it is very hard for her to talk about but she is ready now. The influencer said, “IĀ decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went.”

Bella shared the teaser on Twitter and had TommyInnit, Ludwig, and Valkyrae’s comment on the post. Many users were sharing the snippets of the streamers as they were all surprised. TommyInnit Bella was trending on the social media platform.

Fans of TommyInnit shared their enthusiasm for the streamer as he will be a part of the music video. It was added in by green screen while others did not forget the video did have a serious tone. A user urged people to not make it about Tommy even though everyone is excited to see him. The user added that people should read Bella’s comments on the song.

Bella has not revealed to her fans if she is planning on releasing an album. Adin and Disguised Toast have not commented on the announcement even though they are a part of it too. Which influencer are you most excited to see in the music video? Comment down below.

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