Catherine McBroom Makes Shocking Announcement About Going Solo On YouTube

Catherine McBroom has announced recently that she will be going solo on her separate Youtube channel. The influencer used to be filming together along with her husband, Austin McBroom but now has decided to have her own channel.

It’s no secret that the ACE family is having a lot of trouble lately as they go in a downward spiral. They are facing various lawsuits and are allegedly foreclosing their Los Angeles mansion. There have been many allegations of the ACE family owing millions.

The pair have been called out several times by many influencers along with their own business partners. They claim that the two have refused to pay what they owe. Catherine took to her social media handle on Snapchat to announce that she will be starting her own solo channel.

The influencer began by sharing that she wishes she could talk about life with everything that is happening. She said,

“I wish I could just sit here and talk to you guys about life. There is so much life going on in everyone’s world. There is so much going on I wish I can just…I’m just gonna spit it out.

The ACE family matriarch then announced in the third person and shared that “Catherine is starting her own channel”. She further shared a photo that included various written discussion topics that she will possibly cover.

Catherine McBroom even previously posted a solo video on the ACE family channel titled;A Day In The Life With Catherine, accumulating over six million views. It’s clear that the majority of the spotlight has been on Austin and the couple is in the negative light as well.

Even after various lawsuits being filed against them and the alleged foreclosure, the couple has not spoken publicly to confirm or deny the rumours.


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