Caitlyn Rae Slammed For Defending Friend, Addison Rae From Online Controversy

Caitlyn Rae Slammed For Defending Friend, Addison Rae From Online Controversy

Caitlyn Rae is known for her friendship with TikTok star Addison Rae. She recently uploaded a Youtube video on her channel titled, Lets just get this over with. The influencer talked about the online hate she has been receiving for quite a few months in the video.

She discussed her friendship with Addison and gave some details. The Youtuber addressed how she felt about all the hate comments she got on her former Cheers, Brother! podcast. Addison and Caitlyn were spotted together when the latter posted a picture of the two together. They were seen in a Rolls Royce and the caption read, “Two peas in a pod? More like two Rae’s in a ROYCE.”

Ever since then, the two have been hanging out together quite a lot. However, online users were quick to judge Caitlyn for hanging out with Addison just for fame. Caitlyn had moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a Youtuber. Ever since then, she has become famous for her vlogs and challenge videos.

She has even defended her new friend, Addison after being involved in various controversies. This includes Addison’s passion for being a reporter as well as being part of the Netflix movie, He’s All That. The influencer said that she has not changed her at all and people want to focus on her numbers versus Addison’s numbers.

Caitlyn said,

“That girl has not changed me at all. People want to focus so much on my numbers versus her numbers. I am friends with Addison (Rae) for a million reasons, and her followers have nothing to do with it. She can have no social media, and that girl can still be one of my best friends.”

The Youtuber added as she talked about the TikTok star’s humility. She shared that Addison wakes up and does not even remember she is famous half the time. The influencer further shared that she hangs out with Kourtney Kardashian and thinks about her. Caitlyn said, “Like I will literally laugh at her about it because one day she’ll be with Kourtney Kardashian, and then she’ll leave Kourtney, and then she’ll be like, what are you doing? Let’s go get ice cream. I’ll be like, wow, I can’t believe I’m the first person you think of after hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian.”

Fans were not pleased seeing Caitlyn defend Addison and stated that the former is more annoying than Addison. The user added that if Addison spoke in the ignorant way that she did, she would not have the numbers, brand deals or friendships she has. They further said, “You could have made your point without having such a trash mouth. Are you posting this to up your numbers? Addison Rae, is this who you want to be hanging around?”

Many users online were nitpicking the Youtuber apart while her fans showed her love and support. Addison is yet to comment on her controversies and Caitlyn’s support for her. What do you think about Caitlyn defending Addison? Does it make the situation any better for either of them?

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