Dr Disrespect Roasts Streamer Fan Who Donated $5 On His Live Stream

What is Dr Disrespect best at? If you think it’s only gaming, you might be wrong. The American YouTuber and Streamer Dr Disrespect is a legend at witty and sharp replies.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most followed and loved gaming streamers on the Internet. He has over a million followers of Instagram and almost 3.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. His gaming streams on YouTube are always interactive and Dr Disrespect tries his level best to read out all the donation messages that pop up during his live gameplay.

Brutal But Lighthearted Roast

Dr Disrespect is a pro player and has been playing games like Apex Legends, Warzone, and others for his viewers to enjoy. During one of his recent live streams, a fan sent a $5 donation and said that he plays Dr Disrespect’s music full-time on stream.

Doc had a hilarious roast reply that the fan might not have expected. The fan’s message read “Doc I’m playing your music all month on stream”. To this, Dr Disrespect replied “Well I hope you and your two viewers like it.” BRUTAL!

On a lighter note, Dr. Disrespect was doing what he does best, ie, entertaining his viewers. He immediately adds that he was ‘joking’ and did not want to offend anyone.

‘I’m Joking Man’

“Hey Zachary, I’m joking. Hey Zach. Come back, man! HEY ZACH! I’m joking man,” he said. We don’t know if Zachy even continued with the stream after Dr Disrespect’s initial roast. What do you think?

Dr Disrespect has 5 songs that can be listened to on his YouTube channel. The most recent song by Dr Disrespect is just a couple of months old.

Recently, American YouTuber mentioned about Joe Rogan’s podcast in one of his live streams. He was replying to a fan’s question about whether he would go to Joe Rogan’s episode if invited?

Dr Disrespect showed no interest in appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast. He also gave an explanation for his denial. Check it out here.

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