YouTuber Dr Disrespect Shows No Interest In Going At The Joe Rogan Podcast

Joe Rogan is one of the biggest and most popular podcasters of the world! His podcast ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ became a Spotify Exclusive recently but it still manages to fetch millions of listeners per episode.

Joe Rogan invites an array of high-profile guests and celebrities to his podcast show and talks about their career, current events, comedy, philosophy, and many other topics.

What Did Dr Disrespect Say?

Recently, American YouTuber mentioned about Joe Rogan’s podcast in one of his live streams. He was replying to a fan’s question about whether he would go to Joe Rogan’s episode if invited?

Dr Disrespect showed no interested in appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast. He also gave explanation for his denial.

“Joe Rogan calls and gives you a crisp invite? Probably not,” a fan asked.

To this, Dr Disrespect replied “I’m telling you, man. There’s a reason. If I’m going to go on a podcast, I’m going to go on a podcast my way. And that might require additional resources and funding, okay?”

Joe Rogan’s Multi-Year Licensing Deal

Dr Disrespect might not be the first content creator who has turned down any opportunity in he future to appear at Joe Rogan’s podcast. Earlier, Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has also said the he would not like to attend ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast and explained why he’d never go on the show.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast signed a multi-year licensing deal with streaming platform Spotfiy that netted him over $80 million deal.

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