Amanda Cerny Says That She Always Prefers To Get Paid In Cryptocurrency

Doge Mom Amanda Cerny seems to have gone all-in on the crypto craze. Her Twitter account’s bio states that she is ‘not a financial advisor’ and most of her tweets in the past few months have been revolving around trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

While such a shift in the interest of social media influencers from creating content to getting involved in the decentralized finance revolution is not surprising, it’s certainly something that would arouse the interest of the fans. Recently Amanda Cerny revealed the amount of money she made trading Dogecoin.

After she revealed her income from Dogecoin in the past week, she went on a tweeting spree where she revealed that she has also invested in other coins like BNB, ETH, UBT, LTC, and more.

Amanda Cerny, who has over a million followers on Twitter is also accused of secretly promoting $WIN cryptocurrency when she tweeted ‘i want you to WIN’.

Amanda’s Tweet

Now a recent tweet from Amanda says that she would ‘always opt’ to be paid in cryptocurrency. Check out the original tweet

Under the comments section is a sight to behold! Most of the comments are trying to promote different cryptocurrencies. One user said ‘feel free to get paid in #saitama coins.. it holds high value in the recent future”. Another user commented saying “I would love to be paid in $BOOST”.

‘Cash Is Trash’

In a separate tweet, Amanda Cerny said “Cash is Trash”. Many fans trolled her for this statement but Amanda doesn’t seem to care. She is busy getting financially educated with the new finance revolution (cryptocurrencies) and it is evident that she is ‘hodling’ quite a bit of cryptos in her portfolio.

What do you think about the crypto hype and social media personalities turning into short-term traders and crypto ‘experts’? Tell us your views in the comments.

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