Despite its star-studded cast, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Go Eun’s reality show “Sea of Hope” struggles with zero ratings

Despite its formidable ensemble, which includes Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, “Penthouse: War in Lifeactress Lee Ji Ah, and others, JTBC’s “Sea of Hope” continues to struggle with viewership figures.

Because of its star-studded ensemble, the play is likely to attract a large audience before its grand premiere.

Aside from the trio, the cast of “Sea of Hope” also includes Yoon Jong Shin, Onew of SHINee, and Su Hyun of AKMU.

Unfortunately, since its premiere, viewership ratings have been consistently low.

According to Nielsen Korea, the reality show’s national average rating fell to 0.982 percent in episode 8 of “Sea of Hope.”

With these numbers, the JTBC show shows no signs of improvement as it struggles to maintain strong ratings in future episodes.

Remember that at the debut, the “Sea of Hope” audience rating hit a new high of 1.482 percent.

Viewers complained about the lack of storyline flow and certain embarrassing passages.

One fan on Twitter slammed the “blurry” and unsteady pictures used during Onew’s performance.

Before the premiere of “Sea of Hope,” the “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” star said that the reality show does not follow a script, implying that viewers will witness the true version of themselves when in front of the camera.

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“We don’t have a script or a setting, in fact. Every morning, we instinctively congregate in the kitchen to complete our own tasks. When we’re hungry, we cook everything together.”

Furthermore, the Hallyu star explained why he agreed to participate in the reality show. He explained that he had always wanted to live near the beach, so he accepted the offer.

“I decided to try doing this performance since performing a lot of music, making beverages, and building pleasant and happy memories with the guests will all be new experiences for me.”

The “Goblin” star worked as the establishment’s head bartender and with Lee Ji Ah as the head chef on JTBC’s Tuesday show.

Yoon Jong Shin, the bar’s general manager, is in charge of the establishment.

In terms of the remainder of the characters, Kim Go Eun works as a waitress at the restaurant while also serving as a lifeguard during the day.

Su Hyun of AKMU is a musician and assistant bartender, just as the star of “Cheese and the Trap.”

The JTBC reality show is a therapeutic program that follows celebrities and their guests as they congregate and perform at a beautiful beach.

BLACKPINK’s Rose debuted as a part-time musician in episodes 1 through 6, while singer-songwriter Sun Woo Jung Ah recently starred in episodes 7 and 8.

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