Kim Go Eun’s Adorable Friends are Introduced in the First Trailer for “Yumi’s Cells” News

Kim Go Eun’s Adorable Friends are Introduced in the First Trailer for “Yumi’s Cells”

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Time icon August 18, 2021

The first trailer for “Yumi’s Cells” was released by TVING, and it features Kim Go Eun‘s adorable buddies. The upcoming K-drama is based on author Donggeon Lee’s webtoon series of the same name. It tells the narrative of Yumi, a regular office worker who has an exceptional life.

The “Goblin” star, who plays Kim Yumi, displays the chemistry between her unique companions in the most recent teaser.

Yumi’s Cells” welcomes seven charming pals who are on a mission to assist her on her date through the broadcast network’s official Instagram handle. Goo Woong, played by Ahn Bo Hyun, begins the scene by asking her out on a date.

Yumi beams as she receives his message, which asks, “Shall we meet?” Meanwhile, Yumi’s cells, which represent love, emotion, reason, and fashion, learned of the wonderful news and were overjoyed to assist her. The cells wished Yumi well after she chose her costume, saying, “Yumi, fighting!” Yumi then returns their energy with a charming smile, implying that she’s excited about her date.

“Yumi’s Cells,” a rom-com K-drama directed by Lee Sang Yeob, who also directed “Shopping King Louie” and “A Piece of Your Mind,” collaborated with screenwriters Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo, and Kim Kyung Ran on the project.

Kim Go Eun’s new drama will premiere on September 17 and will consist of 14 episodes that will show every Friday and Saturday.

“Yumi’s Cells” is available on tvN and iQiyi.

Yumi’s out-of-the-ordinary experience after falling into a coma following a failed relationship is the subject of the much-anticipated series, which stars Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Yun.

She battled to regain control of her brain after recovering from her illness, and she had trouble comprehending her thoughts, emotions, sentiments, and behaviours.

Fortunately, she meets Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), who will assist her in reactivating her love cells.

Goo Woong is a talented game developer who is scared to express his emotions in the drama.

Despite this, Yumi was swept off her feet by his straightforward personality and simplicity.

The “Cheese in the Trap” actress hinted at her part as Kim Yumi in TVING’s upcoming drama in a prior interview quoted by an outlet.

Because she is surrounded by her special pals, she describes her persona as a “fortunate person.”

“Yumi seems unremarkable, but she appears to be a fortunate individual who has extraordinary [beings] on her side. The cells that constantly support Yumi and put their heads together without stopping so that Yumi can be delighted and joyful fill me with optimism.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo Hyun praised “Yumi’s Cells” for combining “realism with animation.”

We are still mesmerized by Kim Go Eun’s performance in “Goblin” and “The King: Eternal Monarch”.

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