Yerin, a former member of GFriend, will star in a new web series

Yerin, a former member of the now-defunct K-pop group GFriend, will star in “The Witch Shop: Reopen,” an upcoming web series.

Following the disbandment of GFriend, the members of the K-pop girl group have begun to pursue their respective career paths. And one of them has already shown interest in acting.

According to her management business Sublime Artist Agency, she will play Lee Hae-na, a fictional witch store owner.

Lee Hae Na, a dark witch who owns the witch shop, will be played by Yerin. Hae Na, in addition to being a witch, enjoys gossiping about practically everything that happens to her, and one of her specialties is cursing mankind. She is a magical lady endowed with beauty, ability, and enchantment. Despite all of these qualities, she is lacking in business sales, which is critical for her restaurant’s success.

Lee and a shy high school student named Ji-ho partner together to save Lee’s shop, which is on the edge of closing, in this coming-of-age drama. Its key themes will be love and friendship.

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The web drama “Welcome, The Witch Shop” earned positive feedback from fans back in 2019. The series received over 10 million views across many media. In order to maintain the drama’s successful start in 2021, the production team decided to release “The Witch Shop: Reopen,” a sequel to the online series.

Yerin will be joined on board by another idol. CIX member Yonghee is set to play Ji Ho, a high school student who is always driven to complete a task once he puts his mind to it. However, despite his hard effort, he occasionally has bad days, which causes him to get discouraged and relegates him to the status of an ordinary student with no lofty ambitions. When he meets the terrible witch Lee Hae Na by chance, his life will begin to alter.

Meanwhile, Yerin has sent a letter to all of her followers after confirming her acting debut, saying, “I am both happy and excited that I am going to greet my fans again and present a new side of me.” Yerin also noted that she is anxious about working on the drama project because it will be her first time acting, but she assured her fans that she will work hard to give a decent performance in her first drama.

With the EP “Season of Glass,” Yerin made her debut as a member of GFriend in 2015. The six-piece act, comprised of Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji, and Yerin, released a string of hits before disbanding in May, including “Glass Bead” (2015), “Me Gustas Tu” (2015), and “Apple” (2015). (2020). “Walpurgis Night,” the group’s most recent album, was released in November.

In December of this year, “The Witch Shop: Reopen” will be seen by the public. Keep an eye out for Yerin and Yonghee, the actress and actor, respectively.

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