Adam22 Ended Up Spending $160K on CryptoPunk NFT After Claiming To Hate Them News

Adam22 Ended Up Spending $160K on CryptoPunk NFT After Claiming To Hate Them

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Time icon August 19, 2021

Youtube podcaster and creator Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison has explained why he ended up spending $160k on CryptoPunk NFT after saying he hated them.

NFT has become the next big thing in the space of blockchain. You can now see loads of influencers having these NFTs as their profile pictures as digital artwork is assigned to just one owner. Or else you will surely see them showing off what they have online.

Adam has joined the ranks of FaZe Banks, Nadeshot and Logan Paul who spent thousands on them. They have also invested heavily in the CryptoPunk space. The influencer had initially been sceptical about the space but that has changed clearly. He is now spending serious money on NFTs now.

The podcaster revealed some details while hosting an episode of the No Jumper show with AD and Lil Housephone. They got into the topic of NFT’s as both co-hosts were surprised by his sudden change of heart.

“Bro, you so fake on this NFT sh*t bro,” AD tells Adam after he says they should make one. “You said it was the stupidest sh*t ever, and now you bought a f**king bear and think that you’re Mr. NFT!” Adam then explained that he was given the bear but he spent $160k on a Punk.

The influencer further shared that he realized that the technology itself is what he is a big believer in. He said, “I realized that the technology itself, even though it might not be used right now to a fully optimized state… The technology itself is what I’m a big believer in, and I think it has a big future ahead of it.”

The co-hosts asked Adam to explain how his mind actually changed. He simply responded saying he just started to believe. There clearly has been a shift in Adam’s opinion about the NFT space.

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