Anupam Tripathi Shares His Experience Of Working In Famous Netflix Series ‘Squid Game’ News

Anupam Tripathi Shares His Experience Of Working In Famous Netflix Series ‘Squid Game’

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Time icon October 18, 2021

Squid Game is currently the most famous and successful Netflix Korean series. It has gone viral on the streaming platform and elsewhere such as on Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit. The popular Red Light-Green Light game from the series is going wild all over social media.

Squid Game features Indian actor Anupam Tripathi who plays the role of Javed Ali, a Pakistani migrant worker. In his recent talk with entertainment tabloid India Today, Anupam shares his experience of being a part of Squid Game. The highly successful Korean series has nine episodes in Season 1. Also, the talks of a second season have already started to catch momentum.

Journey Of Anupam Tripathi

Anupam Tripathi humbly answered all the questions asked to him by journalists at India Today. He said that working in the Korean entertainment industry has been a ‘dream come true’ for him.

The journey of Anupam from Delhi to Seoul has been an exemplary one. What started as a mere passion has now turned into a full-fledged profession for Anupam Tripathi.

“From Delhi, doing theatre days to travelling to Korea, getting a scholarship, learning the craft of acting professionally, and then getting involved with the Korean theater industry, all these things culminated in me being a part of Squid Games: Anupam explained.

The series has received critical acclaim and international attention despite its brutality and gore.

How Did He Get A Role In The Series?

“Everyday was a survival and now people are talking about me, it feels great.. very great,” he added in a humble manner.

When Anupam asked about the difficulty of landing a role in the Korean cinema, he ranked it as ‘very hard’. “I was constantly doing my marketing by myself to get a little role or work where I can show what I could do as an actor.” (Courtesy: IndiaToday)

His strategy was simple: Ask for acting roles to the right people.

Squid Game Craze

Social media personalities have also jumped on the Squid Game craze. YouTuber PewDiePie played the Roblox version of Squid Game is one of his recent videos. However, PewDiePie revealed that Squid Game series did not really impress him

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the writer and director of Squid Game, recently disclosed important information about the series. He said that the Squid Game series was originally planned to be a film.

The craze about the series is so high that Squid Game Halloween costumes increased Vans’ sales by 7,800 percent. That’s something massive!

Dong-hyuk revealed that he had written another movie script soon before coming up with the idea for Squid Game. However, that plan went through, and the film was never created, leaving him in debt.

As a result, he began “killing time” by exploring content containing survival death games, wishing he could play these games himself to relieve his financial position. This later sparked the idea for Squid Game, and the original script was written for a “feature-length picture.” 

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