The Squid Game Was Originally Planned To Be A Film

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the writer and director of Squid Game, has disclosed that the series was originally planned to be a film. Squid Game debuted on Netflix on September 17 and has since become an absolute success.

The drama soon became the most popular series on the streaming service throughout the world just weeks after its premiere. Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama that follows 456 contestants, all of whom are heavily in debt, as they compete in deadly children’s games in the hopes of earning a large sum of money.

Planned To Be A Film

The series has received critical acclaim and international attention despite its brutality and gore. In fact, as fans of the show demand to replicate the characteristic green jumpsuits and white shoes worn by the contestants in the show, Squid Game Halloween costumes increased Vans’ sales by 7,800 percent.

The series’ thrills, complex character arcs, and capitalist allegories have fans who can’t get enough of them. Now that many people have completed Squid Game, they are beginning to focus on the background. Dong-hyuk astonished audiences when he stated that the show had been in the works for almost a decade, during which time he had been rejected and had financial difficulties.

Killing time

Squid Game creator Dong-hyuk said in an interview with THR that the series was originally planned as a film. Dong-hyuk revealed that he had written another movie script soon before coming up with the idea for Squid Game. However, that plan went through, and the film was never created, leaving him in debt.

As a result, he began “killing time” by exploring content containing survival death games, wishing he could play these games himself to relieve his financial position. This later sparked the idea for Squid Game, and the original script was written for a “feature-length picture.” 

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