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WandaVision Theory: SWORD Is The Main Villain?

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Time icon February 15, 2021

S.W.O.R.D. could be the main villain of WandaVision and there is also a possibility that they are a familiar enemy from the MCU’s past.

WandaVision has touched on the history of MCU by introducing the organization known as S.W.O.R.D. They have apparently existed since the 1990s and possibly before S.H.I.E.L.D.  It was formed by the now late Maria Rambeau who was inspired by her journey with Captain Marvel.

S.W.O.R.D. has been secretly protecting the earth for decades now. The organization is directly lifted from the comics and it is an important thing to note that they have not been the good guys. The organization was created by Joss Whedon in his Astonishing X-Men run. They were described as making SHIELD look like the Boy Scouts.

This led them to have conflicts with the X-Men and the Avengers. They were only considered as allies to the X-Men when their leader, Abigail Brand, began dating the Beast for a while. And since it has been so in the comics, there is no reason to assume the MCU iteration is any less morally ambiguous.

They are as likely to be an enemy as they are to be an ally. However, as far as fans are watching, SWORD is not being portrayed as the heroic force in WandaVision so far. In fact, there is much more possibility of them being the villains and if they are, then this could set up the various storylines for the MCU Phase 4.

Fans can be forgiven for assuming that SWORD was simply the next generation of SHIELD when they were introduced in the fourth episode. Viewers were introduced to the eyes of Monica Rambeau who is the daughter of the organization’s founder.

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SWORD Wants Vision?

With time it has become evident that Monica has a naïve view; since we already witnessed conflict between Monica and her boss, Director Hayward. It has been revealed that the director is keeping his actions secret; and only letting Monica and the team know what they need to know.

His silence on specific topics has been quite suspicious and troubling; as he monitored Monica’s mutation without telling her that Wanda’s hex barrier has rewritten her body on what seems to be on a cellular level. The main problem comes with the director operating; according to a principle of compartmentalization as he prefers to keep his cards close to his chest.

The latest episode only confirms that Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy Woo are completely unaware of SWORD’s intentions about Westview. This means he can be the villain as others are entirely unequipped to assess Hayward’s true agenda. One other thing that was revealed in the latest episode as well is that Hayward does not seem interested in Wanda Maximoff.

The director described her as a terrorist as he pointed out her troubled past with Hydra; and her time on the run from Sokovia Accords. He also dismissed the assets who have the best chance of understanding Wanda. Given the fact that Hayward runs an organization that is interested in scientific research; he is startingly disinterested in trying to figure out how Wanda’s powers have been amplified; to an extent where she can create her own reality.

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Director Hayward Wants To Reverse-Engineer Vision?

Hayward instead took the first opportunity for a potential kill-shot. The director however seems very interested in Vision as he left Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy to work independently. He was focusing on how to track Vision’s movements by monitoring the radioactive decay signature of his vibranium body.

This also gave him an insight into how many people were caught up in the town of Westview. However, he does not seem to have tried to make the count; which questions his true agenda of which Vision is the most important part.

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