Chaotic Encounter During European Tour Leaves IShowSpeed Injured and Frightened Entertainment

Chaotic Encounter During European Tour Leaves IShowSpeed Injured and Frightened

Author's avatar Tim Hudson

Time icon July 5, 2024

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed, known for his energetic and sometimes controversial content, has had a tumultuous experience while touring Europe for the 2024 Euro Football Championship. On July 3rd, while visiting Oslo, Norway, Speed found himself in a terrifying situation after being mobbed by a large crowd of fans.

Incident Erupts After Souvenir Shop Visit

The incident began when Speed was live streaming from inside a souvenir shop. He interacted with a crowd of fans gathered outside, encouraging them to chant Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature celebration cry, “Siu.” In the excitement, Speed reportedly injured his ankle after jumping near a window ledge.

Security Guard Assists, But Fans Overwhelm Speed

A security guard helped Speed leave the shop, carrying him through the waiting crowd. However, the situation quickly escalated as fans swarmed Speed, chanting his name but causing him to panic and plead for them to stop.

Videos captured the chaos, showing fans climbing on the car meant to transport Speed and one even jumping down near him.

Audio from the stream revealed Speed’s frustration. He berated someone who entered his car amidst the mayhem and later vowed never to return to Norway. In a later video reflecting on the event, Speed recounted the ordeal, stating it was the “worst day” of his life. He claimed fans injured him, threw water, and described a fan jumping off the car like a wrestler.

Not the First Encounter

This isn’t the first time Speed has faced challenges with large crowds during his European tour. He previously encountered a similar situation in Amsterdam, where he needed police assistance to escape an overwhelming crowd.

Speed’s experience highlights the potential dangers internet personalities can face when interacting with large crowds of fans. It also echoes the incident involving streamer Kai Cenat in 2023, where a riot erupted during a meet-and-greet, leading to criminal charges and fines.