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Scarlet Witch’s Fake World Is A Heartbreaking Reminder Of Her Traumas

Scarlet Witch’s decision to create a seemingly fake world which is made of sitcoms in the new series WandaVision is truly a tragic testament to her traumatic past.

The Disney+ series, WandaVision is one of Marvel’s most peculiar properties so far. Marvel Cinematic Universe has kicked off its Phase 4 in a thrilling and surprising way. This is more than even fans could have ever thought of. The new show pays the greatest tribute to sitcom history.

WandaVision has managed to give a twist towards the end of its second episode confirming that Wanda is building a fake world. However, the observation of the parodies turns out to be very clever and extremely detailed. Given the great start, it has still not been unveiled as to why Scarlet Witch is making this world.

The first two episodes paid the perfect homage to classics like I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched. Most of the references were from those shows as the characters populated the world like Wanda and Vision’s neighbor, Agnes. This made Wanda’s world seem a bit unbelievable or performative.

However, that seems to be the main part since WandaVision is all about projection. This seems to shed light on how Scarlet is trying to hide what’s wrong with her emotionally. But she also succeeds to convince everyone in her world that everything is real. It also seems like challenging that reality will also be something that threatens it.

The question of why sitcoms arise that makes the series feel unlike the rest of the MCU. WandaVision allows comedy as well as offers an idealized happy ending for Wanda. The sitcoms from that era would be circled around some variant of the traditional nuclear family.

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Wanda Trying To Suppress Her Pain

This encourages Wanda’s attempts to suppress her trauma as she seems to have found comfort in something she sees as perfect and happy. Sadly, the sitcoms are what represents everything that was driven away from her. And this makes her go back into a world where she allows herself to pretend she has got everything she has ever dreamed of.

However, she is incapable of creating that reality convincingly as she affirms the truth that she has never had the experience of a ‘normal life’. Wanda has never had a life that is as perfect as she is creating. She cannot play pretend absolutely as she has never had that normal experience.

Wanda’s past has been full of trauma as it took away everything and her fake world is trying to reverse all that she lost. Her family home was destroyed as her parents were killed. So the chance of a normal life was taken away, where the boss coming over at the house was the greatest problem. She became one of Hydra’s miracles and having marriage and children with Vision never happened.

Especially when Thanos killed Vision, WandaVision brought back Vision as only a part of the reality she wants to believe. Everything else seems to be a response to all of her past traumas. This is why they try to seep into the fake reality even as she tries to keep all of it out.

If we look at the show, there are two random advertisements that pop up in between. The first is of The Stark Industries toaster which reminds her of her parents’ death. The other one is of the Strucker watch which looks back to when she was experimented along with Quicksilver.

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Wanda’s Fake World Is Dangerous For Her

All of the things that were designed to hide her from her pain ends up being a pressure chamber waiting to blow off any moment. However, the truth of her fake world actually ends up expanding all of those traumas which she is trying to hide. She also seems to be containing all those memories especially the one which includes Vision’s death.

However, there is a level of awareness when she changes the reality at the end of the second episode by simply saying, “No”. WandaVision will possibly have a huge pain in the end; where Wanda is forced to accept the most painful reality of Vision’s death. And the construction of the fake reality is arguably the most dangerous thing to her and the world.

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