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Eternals Review Bombed on IMDB Before Film's Release

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Eternals Review Bombed on IMDB Before Film’s Release

Eternals by Marvel Studios is being attacked, but not by the Deviants, but by review bombing. The movie is the most recent installment...

Joker Reveals The Secret Origin Of Bane’s Daughter

The Clown Prince of Crime helps unveil the actual origin of Bane's daughter Vengeance in the latest issue of DC Comics' Joker. While...

New South Park Movie To Release On November On Paramount+

The latest installment in the South Park franchise will premiere exclusively on Paramount+ in November. This will be the first new South Park...

Ludwig Roasts Valkyrae Amidst Her RFLCT Skincare Product Controversy

Valkyrae has been the talk of the streaming community for over a week now. But what has really happened and why is the...

Katy Perry Celebrates 37th Birthday on Vacation With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry turns 37 and she is celebrating with Orlando Bloom and her friends in Cabo San Lucas on October 24. Katy Perry flew...

Alinity Talks About The Dirtiest Video That Made Her $50,000 On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a famous content subscription platform. While influencers use it to connect to their fans on a more personal level, OnlyFans has...

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