WandaVision And Marvel’s Next Villain

Marvel Studios have appeared to have given us a bad guy that rivals Thanos is just waiting to make their debut. Kevin Feige, the head of the studio has been reluctant to share any information about the MCU’s future plan.

However, there seems to be an arc that is taking shape which might not be as wide to cover the entirety of Phase 4’s film and Disney+ streaming projects. These do seemingly reflect through MCU’s WandaVision, Loki, and the untitled upcoming sequel of Spider-Man 3 as well as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Within that arc, the new threat seems to be becoming evident as one villain could rival Thanos and might even surpass it. if we look at the ongoing series of WandaVision, Marvel Universe’s own version of the devil Mephisto may be right around the corner.

If you do not know about Mephisto, then here goes. The character is obviously created by Stan Lee and John Buscema who first appeared in The Silver Surfer No. 3. Mephisto serves as a tempter and has made the bargaining round with almost every hero in the Marvel Universe at one point or another.

The character has been vying for their desires in exchange for a piece of themselves. And when it comes to MCU, the villain fits perfectly after the Infinity Saga landscape. His comic book origins also have strong ties to the Infinity Gems. According to The Silver Surfer Vol. 3 No. 45, Mephisto being pure evil was born when the One-Above-All died by suicide.

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Mephisto Was Guiding Thanos All Along

The act led to the creation of the Marvel Multiverse, the Infinity Gems, Mephisto. According to the storyline of The Infinity Gauntlet, Mephisto is the one that guides Thanos to use the Infinity Gems as part of his plan in acquiring them for himself.

Later, it is revealed in Avengers Vol. 8 No.38, Mephisto has been whispering into Thanos’ ears since the Mad Titan was young. He had set his sight on earth in prehistoric times and starting Thanos’ ongoing war against humanity’s greatest heroes. However, his efforts to claim the stones in The Infinity Gauntlet had failed.

He has recently acquired the Time Stone as of Avengers Vol. 8 No. 31. This allowed the character to travel through time and change certain events such as pitting Thanos against Earth earlier than the previously established continuation. If all of this wasn’t complicated enough, Mephisto having time stone has allowed him to cheat death more efficiently than ever before.

Because of his travel through time, there have been multiple alternate universe versions of him. This allows him to supplant his deceased form. MCU might not follow the same path of sending Mephisto on the same path as Thanos. However, the possibility of him having all of the stones might not be out of the picture.

The audition synopsis of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness makes the reference of having Stephen Strange still researching the Time Stone following the events of Avengers: Endgame. However, the Doctor Strange sequel seems to be more inclined to the magic-focused arc in which WandaVision is just the beginning.

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WandaVision Already Showing Shadows of Mephisto

In the Disney+ series, Mephisto’s shadow is already increasing in the three episodes that have premiered so far. If you did not notice, the shape of a hexagon seems to be a reoccurring motif in the first batch of WandaVision episodes. The shape is also imminent in three different theme songs that set that stage for the series’ shifting timeline.

The root word for a hexagon is hex, which in Greek means six, but in German means witchcraft. Six, of course, has importance in the MCU, with there being six Infinity Stones. Biblically, it took the Judeo-Christian God six days to create the world. And, as all horror-loving fans know fromThe Omen(1976) and various demon-centric movies, 666 is the number of the beast, the devil, and yes, Mephisto.

The number definitely holds significance in the MCU and as for the hexagon is for witchcraft. Kevin had revealed earlier that WandaVision would see Wanda Maximoff earn her moniker, Scarlet Witch. Even during the second episode, six stars were shown around the moon. The moon is known to be a symbol of the witch goddess Hecate in Greek mythology.

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