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WandaVision Trailer Reveals Return Of The Mind Stone

The brand new trailer for WandaVision reveals the return of the Mind Stone in the warped reality of the Disney+ series. Marvel Studios is soon going to release the first Marvel Cinematic Universe show on Disney+.

The highly-anticipated show stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Scarlet Witch and Vision. WandaVision will pick up after the latest movie of Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. The show’s launch date is nearing as Marvel occupies itself in promoting WandaVision with multiple reports.

These posters show the numerous decades the show is set in. however, the number of mysteries increase about the plot of the show as to how Vision is still there after Scarlet Witch destroyed the Mind Stone during Infinity War. The trailer which was released previously inclined to the possibility of Vision being dead.

Marvel released a new Marvel trailer which now shows the destruction of the Mind Stone again. During Disney’s Investor Day 2020, Marvel Studios released the second trailer of their first series WandaVision. The trailer focuses on Wanda and Vision’s suburban lives as it includes new looks at many of the familiar MCU characters.

Both Vision and Wanda are seen fighting to protect their home. It is also packed with new footage from the series. As we all know, Marvel did not reveal too much as always. Wanda was seen watching the Mind Stone explode again which is likely a result of how she is trying to process the loss of Vision in the real world.

Fan Theories For WandaVision

Her PTSD was the reason fans thought Wanda was creating this alternate reality in which she and Vision exists. This makes fans wonder who is doing this to Wanda as her new life seems out of her control. So many questions are unanswered that will lead the fans to the premiere of WandaVision in January.

Marvel has now released multiple trailers for the show as the level of mystery keeps rising. The studio is known for keeping the biggest secrets of all as they still hope to keep until WandaVision releases.

More marketing materials only increase the chance of Marvel slipping up or fans connecting additional dots. But, with WandaVision right around the corner and another solid trailer released, fans should be able to withstand the lack of additional marketing materials.

The first trailer for the series was broadcasted during the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards. This will be the first-ever series by Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios finally gave fans a look at the trailer and the official poster which was released online. The story will surround famous fictional characters, Scarlet Witch and Vision.

WandaVision | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom

Since the production for all MCU projects had come to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is the first time in six months that fans have got a little sneak peek.

WandaVision’s release date has not been confirmed however, the new Disney+ listing reveals that it is releasing in December 2020. The series was previously listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on the streaming service. There is also news about the upcoming movie, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,  which has been updated to 2021.

Breaking Down WandaVision’s First Trailer

Marvel fans are thrilled to have heard good news after the production stopped for six months. However, a date has not been mentioned in the listing, fans are still happy that the reality-altering series will be here in a few months.

The Mandalorian, which was the first successful original series to be featured on Disney+, premiered in November of 2019, releasing new episodes every week. It looks as if Disney is attempting to replicate that success by placing WandaVision in a similar release window.

The trailer starts with black and white footage with Paul Bettany’s Vision narrating what seems to be a happy, cozy life. The couple is seen in a 1950s setup and we see Wanda’s powers already in the works. Another sight that fans got to witness was Vision’s many transformations,  including from human to robot and from black & white to color.

There are various glimpses of the eras that were shown in the trailer. A scene where Vision interacts with Kathryn Hahn’s brand new character, confirms that he is still dead. There were also quick looks at Teyonnah Paris’, Monica Rambeau as well.

WandaVision takes place after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Spoiler Alert!!! Vision is killed by Thanos for the Mind Stone that he possessed. And if you have seen Avengers: End Game, then you are also aware that the reverse snap does not bring back Vision.

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