Twitch Streamer TimTheTatman’s  Emotional Message For Permanently Banned Friend ‘Dr Disrespect’ News

Twitch Streamer TimTheTatman’s Emotional Message For Permanently Banned Friend ‘Dr Disrespect’

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Time icon August 25, 2021

Fans were left watery-eyed when two Twitch streamer friends shared a beautiful friendship moment on the internet. Dr Disrespect has been ‘permanently banned by Twitch and he is gearing up to take legal action against the Amazon-owned company soon.

Recently, Dr Disrespect took to his Twitter handle to send out an open challenge to TimTheTatman. However, during all of this came a message for Dr Disrespect from his fellow streamer TimTheTatman.


Doc’s challenge to Tim was to “win a solo Warzone game within three tries”. Dr Disrespect said that if Tim would pass the #DocChallege, he would get an exclusive signed red vest by Blockbuster Video Game champ, Doc, himself.

Dr Disrespect Shifts To YouTube

The two used to collab on gaming streams during Doc’s Twitch days. After his permanent ban from Twitch, Dr Disrepsect shifted to YouTube. Now you may ask why can’t TimTheTatman stream with Dr Disrespect on YouTube? Well, Twitch has got issues with it!

Twitch does not allow any present streamer to stream with a ‘banned streamer’ on any other third-party platform. If a streamer does so, they risk getting banned on Twitch. This is what is stopping TimTheTatman from streaming with his old pal once again, on YouTube.

“I Miss you, I Miss Us”

Coming back to Doc’s challenge, Tim had a strong reply! He snapped back at Dr Disrespect and said that “I wonder if Doc could even do that? Like, do you think he could do that challenge himself?” But wait for a second, this soon turned into an emotional moment for the fans when TimTheTatman continued.

Tim further added “Hey Doc, if you’re watching bro, for what it’s worth, I miss you. I miss us. I hope life’s good. And for what it’s worth, man, I’ve been tuning into your streams on YouTube, and honestly, for what it’s worth, you’re doing really well over there too.” That’s one emotional moment for the fans!

It remains to be seen if Dr Disrespect replies back to Tim’s emotional message. Doc will be fighting out his ban from Twitch in legal court soon and if he manages to win, his Twitch comeback is inevitable. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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