David Dobrik Says He Is Putting His House Up ‘For Sale’ After PewDiePie Roasted It

Two internet celebrities are at clash, but worry not as it seems like a friendly and a light-hearted one! PewDiePie, the once most-subscribed individual YouTuber on earth reacted to the house tours of famous YouTubers a few months ago. The counter-reaction from David Dobrik seems to have arrived now!

PewDiePie is one of the elites on YouTube when it comes to hilarious reaction videos. Just the other day he posted a video on his channel reacting to cringe videos of pickup artists. The video has already crossed over a million views. If you want to know what PewDiePie says about pickup artists in that video, click here.

PewDiePie Calls David Dobrik A ‘Sociopath’

Coming back to David Dobrik’s reaction to PewDiePie roasting his multi-million dollar house, the YouTuber said “Unbelievable”. PewDiePie had called Dobrik a ‘sociopath’ in his reaction video. PewDiePie even said that ‘David Dobrik lacked an actual personality and it was evident in the exterior of his house.

David Dobrik is not the only internet personality whose house was ‘roasted’ by Pewds. He also passed comments about the homes of other YouTubers and Streamers such as ACE Family, Jeffree Star, and Pokimane.

In his reaction video, PewDiePie said “Where is he in this? “It looks good, don’t get me wrong. But this is his house, and there’s no way to know that.”

“We’re Putting The House Up For Sale”

So in the end, what did David Dobrik respond to PewDiePie’s roast? When a paparazzi approached David Dobrik and asked his response, David said jokingly “He’s saying my house doesn’t have personality? That’s unreal. This is some of the worst news I’ve received all day. Natalie and I will talk about this. We’re gonna move. We’re putting the house up for sale!”

David Dobrik was definitely joking but he certainly did not take PewDiePie’s reaction lightly. He knows the worth of his house and he made that clear in his reaction. Have a look at the video from Hollywood Fix below: (4:10):

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