Twitch Streamer Pokimane Appreciates xQc For His Willingness To Collaborate

Pokimane and xQc are two of the biggest and most famous Twitch streamers in the world. Both of them usually play games and collaborate on streams with one another.

Recently, Pokimane appreciated xQc over his willingness to collaborate on content anytime while others weren’t always supportive.

‘Hottest Streamer on Twitch’

In the past, Pokimane has also called xQc as the ‘hottest streamer on Twitch’. Pokimane saw a short clip of xQc at the Sh*t Camp 2021, she couldn’t resist from commenting.

The video of xQc we are talking about wasn’t a typical streaming clip where the streamer is seen raging at the gameplay. It was beyond that and extremely hilarious!

In the clip, xQc is seen dressed in drag. He is wearing roller skates, knee-high socks, a dress, and even glue-on nails (among a plethora of other things).

Pokimane was left flabbergasted looking at xQc in such a dress-up. “After seeing this clip, you know if you were to ask me who I thought was the hottest streamer on Twitch… xQc’ette!,” she said.

‘Down A*s B**ch’

However, coming back to the topic, when Pokimane decided to return to playing GTA RP, the role-playing game on the NoPixel server, she was seeking help from many streamers to teach her the basics. And guess who agreed to do that out of all the streamers that Pokimane approached? Of course, it was xQc.

Appreciating xQc, he is what Pokimane said:

“Some good news, X said that he’ll play with me. Because I kind of wanted someone to show me the ropes. But, every time I’d ask someone, they’d seem a little unsure. And honestly, xQc is such a down ass b***h, which I really appreciate about him.

“You ask him to do something, and if he doesn’t want to do it he’s not gonna answer, but usually, he’s so down and he’s like ‘Yup, let’s do it tomorrow’. I’m like, let’s go.”


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