Bryce Hall Lied About Hooking Up With Selena Gomez: ‘Its Just A Joke’

TikTok sensation Bryce Hall recently claimed that he hooked up with A-List celebrity Selena Gomez. The internet, and Bryce’s own friends weren’t convinced by the claim. And now the TikToker has come up with an explaination.

Bryce Hall rose to fame by posting videos on TikTok. He has over 20 million followers on the platform today. Bryce also expanded his presence to YouTube by publishing vlogging videos.

Bryce Says He Hooked Up With Selena Gomez

In the latest season of the YouTube Reality show titled ‘Reality House’ that features many influencers, Bryce Hall is also a participant.

The influencers in the Reality House were playing the ‘Never Have I Ever’ in episode 2 of the show and the question popped up which said “Never have I ever hooked up with an A-list celebrity.” 

After the question was put forward, Bryce was quick to respond saying: “Wait, do we count— is Selena Gomez an A-list?”

Others around him seemed not too convinced by his reply and of course, the clip is now going viral all over the internet.

A commenter said “The only reason why you brought up Selena Gomez is because you know she’s an A-lister and that she’ll bring attention to your flop reality show,” while another said “and you know it’s bad when Tana Mongeau doesn’t believe you.”

‘Its A Joke’

However, Bryce Hall has now clarified that his claim of hooking up with Selena Gomez was just a joke.

Bryce Hall replies to a video on TikTok

“It’s [a] joke lol,” he wrote. “People like you reacting to it with such hostility is what brings me enjoyment to this platform.”

 The Internet didn’t find the joke funny. “a joke has to be funny,” read one comment and “I know you’re reading these comments and holding back tears”, read another.

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