Twitch Star Pokimane Thinks xQc Is The Hottest Streamer On The Platform

In a wild turn of events, we have seen Twitch streamer Pokimane Anys appreciate her fellow streamer xQc and calling him the ‘hottest’ streamer on Twitch. But what made her say so?

Pokimane recently took a short break from Twitch to focus on her mental well-being. But now that she is back, fans are excited all over again for her amazing content.

Valorant Buddies

xQc and Pokimane are Valorant buddies as they usually stream together playing the game. Pokimane recently reached the immortal rank in the game as well which makes her amongst the top 0.5% Valorant players on the planet.

More recently, when Pokimane saw a short clip of xQc at the Sh*t Camp 2021, she couldn’t resist from commenting.

The video of xQc we are talking about wasn’t a typical streaming clip where the streamer is seen raging at the gameplay. It was beyond that and extremely hilarious!

xQc’s Hilarious Video

In the clip, xQc is seen dressed in drag. He is wearing roller skates, knee-high socks, a dress, and even glue-on nails (among a plethora of other things).

Pokimane was left flabbergasted looking at xQc in such a dress-up. “After seeing this clip, you know if you were to ask me who I thought was the hottest streamer on Twitch… xQc’ette!,” she said.

Sh**camp 2021 is a friendly get-together of content-creators and streamers full of hilarious antics, just like xQc’s hilarious drag dress.


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