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The Poster For Lucifer Season 6 Gathers The Entire Cast To Say Goodbye

In a new poster for Season 6, the Lucifer group reunites for one last time. Because of the lasting enthusiasm many people have for the series, which stars Tom Ellis as Lucifer, it has lasted longer than expected.

Lucifer premiered on Fox for three seasons before being cancelled. The film was then taken up by Netflix for a second run, which was supposed to be limited to two episodes. Last year, the streamer shocked fans by announcing that Lucifer would return for a sixth and final season.

Lucifer’s appearance will change dramatically in Season 6. For the final ten episodes of the show, the Devil will take on a whole new job: God. The long-awaited appearance of God (Dennis Haysbert) in Lucifer season 5, part 2 featured the long-awaited arrival of God (Dennis Haysbert), who chose to retire and appoint a successor.

Lucifer’s universe, as well as his relationship with love Chloe Decker, will be very different now that he has assumed the role of the highest being (Lauren German). Season 6 of Lucifer will launch in September, considerably earlier than many fans expected.

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Some Devilish Vibes

On Wednesday, TVLine debuted the first official poster for Lucifer’s final season. It shows the entire main cast gathered around Lucifer, who is sitting on a leather armchair as if it were a throne.

If anyone was wondering if Lucifer’s new role as God would change the series’ fiery aesthetic, they now have an answer: he’s still retaining his devilish vibes.

Check it out in the picture below

Lucifer season 6 poster Netflix

The poster itself doesn’t reveal much about the story, other than the fact that Lucifer has met his end. Seeing the cast assembled is a moving sight, and it demonstrates that Lucifer’s ending is being treated with the respect it deserves. This is a series that has outlasted everyone’s expectations, but it must come to an end at some point.

Hopefully, Lucifer will deliver a finale that both pleases fans and serves as a fitting sendoff for the characters we all know and love.

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