Tom Ellis Flying High for a Stunt in Lucifer Season 6 Set Photo News

Tom Ellis Flying High for a Stunt in Lucifer Season 6 Set Photo

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Time icon August 1, 2021

Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer in season 6, shared a photo from the set of the sixth season of the show. Tom Kapinos (Dawson’s Creek) created the fantasy television series based on the DC Comics character. It was cancelled after three seasons on Fox, where it first aired in 2016.

Soon later, Netflix renewed the show for a fourth season. Lucifer follows Lucifer Morningstar (Ellis) when he decides to leave Hell and open his own nightclub, Lux, in Los Angeles. He aims to better understand mankind while helping the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lucifer becomes the new God at the end of the fifth season. What this means for the character and his power over Heaven, Earth, and Hell, however, is unclear.

The sixth season will be the show’s final chapter before it all comes to an end. With Lucifer now in a new position of power, this last episode will examine the consequences of these changes on his relationships with the supporting characters. Season 6 of Lucifer will premiere on Netflix on September 10 and will consist of ten episodes.

Season 6 of Lucifer

Ellis shared a shot from the set of Lucifer season 6 in preparation of the launch. He’s suspended by wires and carrying co-star Lauren German, who plays Chloe Decker, in the image.

He stated beside the shot that he’s just chilling around and counting down the 44 days till the new season begins. Joshua Coleman, the photographer and costume designer, was given credit.

See Ellis’ Instagram post below:

With the sixth and last season of Lucifer approaching, it’s understandable that Ellis would want to get the audience excited. The show has a devoted fan base that has stuck with it through the years, even as it moved from Fox to Netflix.

Fans can see Lucifer carrying Chloe as he glides through the air against a lovely blue and overcast setting in a new behind-the-scenes photo. Even while fans will be sad to see Lucifer come to a close, more behind-the-scenes content from the production is always appreciated.

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