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Star Casablanca One Of The Top YouTube Channel From Iraq

Over the years, there has been a drastic shift in the way people perceive digital information, one of the most fascinating being the transition from Television to digital platforms like YouTube.

Star Casablanca, a YouTube channel that started their digital journey in January 2015, to conquer the digital video sharing platform YouTube, has been peaking. Since their launch, till present, they have accumulated 2.9 Billion video views with a subscriber count of 7.8 Million, which is more than the population of countries like Libya.

Star Casablanca is a channel that presents Arab art in a unique manner. The channel has been uploading, the visual songs and displaying news of major artists as it helps to spread the Gulf song in the Arab world. The channel works without encryption with the new HD technology to improve the image.

Since Star Casablanca’s YouTube growth, it’s linked to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook started growing synoptically too. The channels, Instagram account to date stands at accumulated 3.2 million followers and peaking with exponential growth.

You can check out more information about them by visiting their YouTube channel.

Saqib Malik

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