12 Minute Affiliate Review: New Strategies of Affiliate Marketing Revealed News

12 Minute Affiliate Review: New Strategies of Affiliate Marketing Revealed

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Time icon April 9, 2020

For those of you who intend to earn their living online have probably considered affiliate marketing. It may seem easy, hassle-free and doesn’t require much setting up. While all those things may be true, a good return cannot be guaranteed. Fortunately, that might just be possible now thanks to 12 Minute Affiliate Program.

What is 12 Minute Affiliate and Why do you need it?

12 Minute Affiliate is a service available online that can help you set up your affiliate marketing system as easily as possible. It not only ends after the setup as it will be there constantly by your side, making sure you get the best out of your system.

In case you’re a bit naive about the online world, you might be wondering what exactly is affiliate marketing. Well, it is a type of way to earn money online. How it works is that you have to route as many customers as you can to a product on someone else’s ecommerce website.

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The more customers who use your specialized link to visit that website and buy the product, the more commission you get out of the profits earned by the website. Before you get excited, however, things aren’t as simple as you might consider them to be.

While it may be easy to get yourself in the affiliate marketing world, the most difficult and frankly the most important thing is getting customers. A potential customer, who may see your “specialized advertisement” for the product you’re trying to sell, might just not buy that product no matter how appealing the deal is.

Sometimes, it needs a bit of convincing for that potential customer to actually go buy that product so that you can earn revenue. But that just isn’t possible if you’re on your own with a simple affiliate setup. Thankfully, this is where the 12 Minute Affiliate program steps in to save your day.


How does the 12 Minute Affiliate program work?

All of that may have made you curious regarding how this system actually works. I mean possibly what magic could these people over at 12 Minute Affiliate do to make you that much more successful in your venture?

Well, as it turns out, the whole program consists of 5 simple steps that’ll help you make a fortune. They are as follows:

Step 1: Create a free Affiliate account

There are multiple websites online that allow you to make affiliate accounts. The three most popular are JVZoo, Warrior+Plus, and ClickBank. Choose any one of your liking and create a free account there.

Step 2: Get an Auto-Responder

An auto-responder, as the name suggests is an automated email response system that sends system-generated emails to the people who’ve subscribed to them. Every online business needs one There are multiple online services that offer auto-responders so choose the one you like the most. The 4 most popular are Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, and Mailmuncho.

Step 3: Set up your Auto-Responder

This step involves actually setting up your auto-responder to cater to your business specifically. In case you’re familiar with these processes, it won’t be a challenge and all you’ll have to do is link it to your 12 Minute Affiliate account.

However, even if you have no idea what to do then worry not as there will always be a 12 Minute Affiliate team member ready to help you do everything. This option will, as expected, take more time as requests may be flooded.


Step 4: Activate your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

After you’re done with that, the next step is you create your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnel pages. The pre designed funnel pages are set up to cater to 3 different types of market niches and you can choose whichever one is the best for you. However, you can also customize a funnel exactly to your specific liking. Again there’s always an option to get help from a 12 Minute Affiliate Team member to do this for you.

Step 5: Get done-for-you Traffic

As you may have guessed by now, traffic is everything when it comes to affiliate marketing. Without traffic you just can’t sell the product. This is exactly what makes 12 Minute Affiliate special. It gets you traffic that you otherwise would never have gotten if you were on your own.

Thankfully, you’re not on your own and with 12 Minute Affiliate, you can select to have traffic with a particular niche to visit your affiliate link.

How much does 12 Minute Affiliate Cost and is it worth it?

Well, to start off you can get a 14-day trial period of the 12 Minute Affiliate which will set you back just $9.95. In this time, you can easily explore all aspects of the program and if you really need it or not. After that is done, you will have to opt for a membership, which has two options.


Basic Membership: This is the standard package for everyone after their trial period. It costs $47/month but you can pay $397 once and have it forever. If you just need the 12 Minute Affiliate for a couple of months, the monthly package is good to go otherwise just pay the onetime fee if you need it indefinitely. The Basic Membership only allows you a single niche for your affiliate market and you have to stick to that.

Gold Membership: In case the Basic Membership just wasn’t good enough for you, you can bump it up to Gold which will set you back $97/month or just pay $797 once and have it forever. Unlike the basic Membership, you can have all 3 niches for your affiliate market.

Personally, for what it’s worth and what it offers, I believe that 12 Minute Affiliate offers a good value for money. If you’re considering starting on the affiliate market, it won’t hurt to spend under $10 for a 2-week trial period just to see what’s it all about. If you like it, the basic package is just economical for any budding entrepreneur.

In case you find your journey with the Basis Membership successful and intend to expand to other niches, try the Gold Membership and then wait for the success to come by. In case this has piqued your interest, check out the 12 Minute Affiliate and apply to its 2 week trial by clicking the LINK HERE!

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