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Sonu Sood Reacts To Video Of Fans Pouring Milk On His Poster As A Gesture Of Respect

Sonu Sood has responded to another video of fans pouring milk onto his photos.

On Monday, the Bollywood star took to Twitter and posted a video featuring clips of fans pouring milk on his photo, as an act of respect.

‘Save Milk For Someone Needy’

The first tweet revealed that the incidents took place in Kurnool and Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, as a ‘sign of gratitude’ after he established air-conditioning centers in the cities.

Speaking to the video, Sonu said he felt ‘humbled’ by the love shown but asked fans not to waste milk. “Request everyone to save milk for someone needy,” he wrote.


Last week, Sonu posted a similar video of fans pouring milk on a poster in Andhra Pradesh. The actor shared that tweet and simply wrote, “Humbled.”

He was criticized online for not criticizing the wastage of milk. “Humble toh theek hai Sir but mana karo unhe (Humble everything is fine but you have asked them not to do this). Wastage of milk on this is not good,” said a fan, in response to his tweet.

Television actress Kavita Kaushik has also criticized her fans. “We love @SonuSood and the nation will forever owe him his self-sacrifice, but I’m sure Sonu will also be unhappy with this stupid and unpopular act of wasting milk at times when people are starving. Why are we always extra about everything ?? !!” he wrote on Twitter.

Sonu has been providing assistance to those in need since the outbreak began, including the pandemic. He helped workers return home and provide medical assistance to those in need, among many other relief activities.

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