‘It Took Me 5-6 Years To Get My First Break’, Sonu Sood’s Advice To New Comers News

‘It Took Me 5-6 Years To Get My First Break’, Sonu Sood’s Advice To New Comers

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Time icon August 24, 2020

Sonu Sood, who has left no stone unturned to help the migrant workers amid the coronavirus pandemic spilled the beans on the trending ‘insider vs outsider’ debate. 

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Sonu’s Advice For Aspiring Actors

Since Sonu is also an “outsider”, he shared some words of advice for aspiring actors while lending them hope and asking them to stay strong.

In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, the ‘Simmba’ actor spoke about his own journey and how he took 5-6 years to get his first break. He said, “I would say I knew that journey is going to be tough when you come as an outsider. It will always be tough. But the only thing that I want to tell everyone is that you need to have nerves of steel if you want to come to this industry and if you want to make it big, you should have patience, perseverance, and a lot of wishes from your parents that only can make you what you want to become.”

‘Stay Strong’

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Further, giving a message to all the aspiring actors, Sonu said, “I would just like to tell this, stay strong. Don’t lose hope that things are not happening, things take time. I gave myself one year and it took me 5-6 years to get my first break. So yeah, you just need to have patience and believe in yourself.”

Sonu even spoke about adding another feather to his decorated hat when he stated, “Turning into an author is always very special. I remember when I did a few films one of my friends who is a writer in Punjabi said, ‘I want to write a book’ and I said, ‘I haven’t done anything in my life, which is really worth that there should be any book on me.’ 

So I believe that what I have done today is some experience I want to share with the world. So that’s why I want to write this book and that book is going to be very special. It’s going to be connected with millions of people, their journey, their life during this time and that’s why I wanted to pen it down. My mom always used to say that, when you have those special moments in your life, special experiences, always write it in a book but I never wrote. 

‘I Wish My Mom Was Here’

When she passed away, I remember from that day, I started writing things and today when I’m writing a book, I wish my mom was here. She was very fond of reading and I wish she could read my book. I think she’s the one who made it happen, and maybe someday it’ll happen. But I do miss her a lot when I talk about my book. All the books that she left are still there. 

I’ve kept them in Punjab in a proper library in my house. She always used to say that, ‘Main agar chali bhi jau toh inn books ko zaroor sambhalke rakhna because ye meri dharohar hai. This is something I’m going to give it to you and just save these books.’ I wish my book could also be added to that.”

Spilling the beans about his upcoming films, the actor said, “I would say people are waiting for the films. I’ve been getting so many offers from all different industries larger than life roles, bigger budgets, and yes, things have changed. I’m getting the roles that I always wanted to do but couldn’t get. 

I think it takes time to convince people that you can do better than you’ve been offered. But hopefully, now it will happen just keeping my fingers crossed. But yes ‘Prithviraj’ with Akshay Kumar and Yash Raj Films, a film Chiranjeevi called ‘Acharya’ and there’s another Telugu film that’s there and a couple of things I want to produce, they are also in the pipeline. So yeah, this year 

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