Nabila Blocks Nadia Hussain From WhatsApp And Instagram; Asks ‘Don’t You Have A Brain Of Your Own?’ News

Nabila Blocks Nadia Hussain From WhatsApp And Instagram; Asks ‘Don’t You Have A Brain Of Your Own?’

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Time icon May 24, 2021

Nadia Hussain has recently embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey of her own by launching a unique ‘Go Makeup’ palette but with the same vibe as Nabila’s ‘Zero Makeup’ palette.

What Happened?

After Nadia Hussain unveiled her new makeup palette, she received derogatory messages from Nabila claiming that the former had copied Nabila’s ‘The No Makeup Palette’.

Nadia, however, has decided not to let herpass on the negative comments and confronted her by post on Instagram. “I am just shocked, speechless, appalled, confused & yet feel victorious at the same time”, wrote Nadia.

Nabila Blocks Nadia

The model also revealed that Nabila had blocked her from all social media, “For someone of Nabila’s repute (nabila_salon thisisnabila -I cannot tag her because she has blocked me) to stoop so low and send me such an underhanded msg on the launch of my GO MAKEUP PALETTE is just beyond me!!!.”

She concluded that her brand could be similar to Nabila’s but the concept is different.

My item may be similar but surely the concept is totally different, she has no copyright on such a design, many many international brands have such similar travel makeup kids and also that my product itself offers much much more in comparison to her zero makeup kit!!!!,” she wrote.

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