Six Spooky And Fun Halloween Gift Ideas Under $30

Halloween season is around the corner and as days pass by, excitement seems to soar!

This year, Halloween will be celebrated on a Sunday (that’s double the fun and joy) for celebrators. You’re going to see lots of people dressed up as vampires and ghosts with plenty of lit pumpkins on the street.

The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

Here are best gift ideas you can give to anyone for the Halloween season. And the best part? All of them are under $30.

1.) Mini Ghost Candles

Price: $5 – $15

One review on Etsy reads: I’m obsessed with these candles! They smell amazing and I can’t wait to give some as Christmas presents!

These are definitely some gift-worthy candles!

2.) Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Price: $15 – $20

Of course, jigsaw puzzles also make great gifts for both kids and adults alike. Halloween themed puzzles help to build anticipation and excitement for the holiday.

Go get it off Amazon straight away and hide in the closet to surprise your family on October 31st.

3.) Spooky Zombie Head Jar

Price: $25 – $30

What’s Halloween without the scare and spooky stuff? This gift is an ideal fit for horror lovers.

Reviews of the product are great with one saying

4.) Halloween Horror Lip Balm

Price: $7 – $10

With over 2,000 positive reviews on Etsy, this product is a must for Halloween season. Use it yourself and give a treat to others!

“Perfect goodie bag treat – and I even snagged one for myself. Wonderful balm!”

5.) Bloody Resin Skull

Price: $25

Halloween Costumes website is selling this piece for below $30.

The product description reads – This haunting blood resin skull is the perfect way to set off your Halloween decor. Use it as a centerpiece for your buffet table or to spook trick-or-treaters before they knock on your door.


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