Hamlinz Reveals Why He Took A Long Break From Twitch In His Return Stream

Hamlinz, the once most popular Twitch streamer stepped away from the Amazon-owned platform more than an year ago!

Hamlinz and his close friend Daequan both disappeared from Twitch around the same time and now both of then are back streaming again!

While Daequan did his Twitch comeback stream on September 5, it was Hamlinz turn now.

Comeback Stream

Hamlinz Twitch return stream was yesterday, on September 12. The streamer got candid about his present state of life affairs and what happened in the past that prompted him to take a long break from Twitch.

Hamlinz revealed that it was the ‘loss of his grandfather’ that made him step away from streaming and spend time by himself.

‘I Busted My A** To Get Back’

“Basically, what happened is, around 2015, my grandpa passed away,” he revealed.

“I was really close to him, and it was hard for me. I forced myself into streaming when I shouldn’t have forced myself into streaming.”

“It just made it worse, and until eventually, I was like, I need to step away.

“I busted my a** to get back. I meditated two or three times a day. I watched positive sh*t. I tried my best to make sure my mental was good.”

Joining NRG And Creating Thoom House

Making a Twitch comeback is just one thing! The streamer, along with his fellow close associate Daequan have been onto many other bigger and better things as well.

Hamlinz and his close associate Daequan announced that they joined NRG in a cryptic message few weeks ago.

The two also revealed that they have started a brand new content house called ‘Thoom House’. The members of THOOM House are already revealed. You can know about them here.

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