Sahib Singh takes you to a day in his life as a travel blogger

We live in the digital age; the way people used to live, work and enjoy has changed drastically. People are opting for a professional life of digital nomads, where they stay in different places of the world for a considerably longer time and work from there. Travel blogger is a kind of digital nomad who travels to different places and earns through blogs and brand collaborations.

Sahib Singh also is known as travellingindian is a Delhi University graduate. He completed his B. Com (Hons) from SGBT Khalsa college in 2016. Sahib is also a travel blogger and travels to various beautiful places as a part of his profession. Sahib Singh says people have a preconceived notion that life of a travel blogger is easy, all they do is they travel and post some pictures on their social media, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. It is like any other 9-5 job, sometimes more than that. The only difference is you are your boss.

Sahib Singh who is a certified scuba diver and a former national badminton player say that I am disciplined right from my childhood, I wake up around six and meditate every day to stay active even when I am travelling. Mornings are generally about checking emails, making a to-do list, selecting places to visit, and planning content for the blog post and responding to queries and messages etc. I am out to visit the location at around nine so that I have enough time to cover my destinations adequately.

He is very particular about the quality of his posts which is quite evident from his Instagram photos ( ) and his blog posts ( ). He has travelled to the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Hong Kong and Singapore etc. His Instagram account has detailed posts on beautiful monuments, religious destinations, beaches and vivid landscape from unexplored destinations of these countries.

Sahib is fond of eating and enjoys savouring on local cuisine. He is a vegetarian, and according to him, finding vegetarian food is part of his adventure. He believes that every culture and place has a vegetarian dish waiting for him to try.

As he is a scuba diver and loves to enjoy marine life, when it’s a day planned for underwater adventure, he doesn’t plan anything else for that day, as diving is a tiresome activity and it generally consumes an entire day. When the day does not involve diving, afternoons are again about meetings and checking emails and communications, so he tries to find a quiet place with a good and stable internet connection as most of the meetings happen virtually. I try to complete my pending deliverables and send invoices after the meetings.

According to him, evenings are about relaxing, and he says “ I lose myself, watch the sunset, meet my local friends, relax at the beach and try to understand the local culture. Evenings are also the best time to take pictures, be it beaches or sunset or any monument. The evenings are my absolute favourite when it comes to taking pictures.”

He further adds “I am a morning person so by the time I reach back to my stay, I am quite tired, but still some more work goes on like uploading the pictures to the cloud and backing them up on my secondary drive. If any of the pictures are eye-catching, then I try to process them as quickly as I can for my next day post.”

When he is not travelling, he tries to meet his school and college friends and spend time with his family. He also concentrates on writing beautifully detailed blogs covering every detail of the destination in a fascinating and compelling manner when he is not on the go.

We must say that these details will change the perception of most of us who thinks travel blogging is a part-time interest or hobby and leisure activity. To become a true traveller, it takes a lot of courage, planning and hard work.