Director Ahmed Khan Apolgises To Kangana Ranaut After False Comments

Filmmaker Ahmed Khan and Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Chandel engaged in a bitter Twitter spat. The controversy started with Ahmed Khan’s interview to a leading news outlet.

Kangana Ranaut and Sister Rangoli Chandel

Ahmed Khan said “What happened after that 5 more people were planning to make a film on Rani of Jhansi, but seeing the bad condition of the film Manikarnika, they dropped their idea. Later, Kangana’s film Dhakad was also announced, do you remember the film Dhakad, a teaser of that film was also revealed, which was good, but seeing Manikarnika’s condition, Dhakad was canned.”

Rangoli Chandel Challenges Bollywood

Rangoli Chandel is one of the most vocal Twitterati. As soon as Ahmed Khan’s comments came out in public. Rangoli took no time to launch an attack on the director. She tweeted “Ha ha Arrey Khan Bhai saab, 155 crore ki film ko flop kehte ho, aapki film Baaghi3 ne 49 ka weekend kiya aur Manikarnika ne 45 ka, jayada peeche nahin hai aapse, Manikarnika ka 102 India karke dekhao phir baat karo, abhi toh aapke seetare gardish mein hain.

However, Rangoli was not done yet and has gone ahead challenging the whole Industry with another tweet mentioning that Kangana is the only actress so far is capable enough to carry a movie with a budget of 100 Crore. While Rangoli did not stop there and said if anyone names any such individual Kangana would stop acting. The tweet reads, “My open challenge to the industry can any girl in today’s time solo carry a film above 60-70-80-100cr budget other than Kangana??? If you give me a legit name Kangana will stop acting forever.

Rangoli Even Took On Twitterati’s Defending Her Sister

Although with the challenge out in the open many twitter users were disappointed over the tweet. Baaghi 3 director Ahmed Khan was one of the victims. Later, Rangoli Schooled a twitter user who disagreed with her.

Nevertheless, a twitter handle by the name Madhubala replies A lot of girls can given the opportunity to come with a big event film or a mainstream comedy. These films don’t get made for actresses so I’m happy Kangana is pushing the envelope but her contemporaries aren’t less bankable.

However, This bitter dispute took a dramatic turn with Ahmed Khan apologizing to Kangana. That’s again according to Rangoli’s Twitter handle. Rangoli used harsh words addressing Ahmed Khan and even called him ‘CHILLARS’ who cannot stand by their own words.

Also, The movie Dhaakad is not shelved and the director of the movie will be serving a legal notice to Ahmed Khan for his false comments.