Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 Film ‘Contagion’ Suddenly Viral, The Movie Predicted COVID-19

The 2011 sci-fi/ film “Contagion” directed by Steven Soderbergh, is suddenly all over the internet. Folks across the globe are buying it, making an attempt to stream it online and binge-watching it after 9 years of the release. iTunes has listed it in the fourth-most rented show currently once America declared a state of emergency. It’s also the second most-watched show in Warner Bros.’ catalogue in 2020.

The events of the film spookily, even prophetically, predict the outbreak of a deadly virus that causes an outbreak. It is unfolding as a result of a Chef didn’t wash his hands before shaking hands with a businessman. It is learnt that the virus originated is MEV-1. “Contagion” conjointly offers a deep and astonishingly well-researched insight into pandemic procedurals. Also worst-case eventualities, with chilling pictures of empty airports, vacant cities and other people unintegrated in special wards or their homes itself: all of which might be known inside the present climate.

While director Soderbergh has, however, to inquire into the unforeseen virality of his show, “Contagion” author Scott Z. Burns spoke out recently against the Donald Trump administration for not responding fittingly to the coronavirus irruption within the U.S.

“It’s stunning to me that our administration can’t put out a clear message on how people can stay safe and what our tools are for understanding the current spread. There’s a video on YouTube of a song they did in Vietnam about hand-washing and how important it is. Why isn’t our government putting out public service messages about how to stay safe? That isn’t that hard”.



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