Addison Rae Allegedly 'Hooking Up' With Scott Disick Surfaces Online

Rumours About Addison Rae Allegedly ‘Hooking Up’ With Scott Disick Surfaces Online

Addison Rae, as we all know, has newly stepped into the world of Hollywood. This was after she became close friends with reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian.

The influencer had previously become the brand ambassador for Skims which was founded by Kourtney’s sister, Kim. She was also seen in a few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But many people online have found their friendship to be rather strange. This is fueled by the 22-year age gap between the two stars.

Kourtney’s sisters even interrogate Addison on camera and voiced out their thoughts saying they assumed that Kourtney and Addison might be hooking up. This made the audience as well as the influencer rather uncomfortable. Since then, Kourtney and Addison have come together time and again to give us BFF goals on social media.

However, rumours have revealed that Addison might be allegedly hooking up with Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend and father of three children, Scott Disick. This was hinted at by gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights as they have been publishing “blind items”.

This hinted at Scott and Addison allegedly hooking up since June 2020. The blind item said, “A+ list TikTok star is hooking up with this thirsty reality star in a family full of them.” Meanwhile, another blind item revealed that before his current affair, this reality star is known to have hooked up with this A+ list teenager who is a very good friend of his ex.

The blind item revealed, “Before latching on to his current teenager, this often inebriated sometime reality star all of you know had a hookup with this at the time teenager who is A+ list in her world and a very close friend of his ex.”

Blind Item Ignites Rumours Of Scott & Addison

This post indicated Scott hooked up with Addison last year. However, fans would never have seen this rumour even coming at them. It would be rather weird if it is true but what do you think about this new alleged couple? But wait, there’s more on the “blind item”.

The “blind item” claimed that the reality TV star showed his friends pictures of Addison without any clothes when she was a teenager. But this has already left a lot of fans shocked and they have mixed opinions.

Many think the blind post is fake while others said they were not surprised by Addison and Scott, Kourtney’s ex. Kourtney had also seemingly hinted at Addison and Scott being together through an Instagram post. She captioned a picture, “My husband’s girlfriend and I exchanging stories.”

The internet is already pretty disgusted with Scott dating his current girlfriend who is also a teenager. He is dating Amelia Gray Hamlin and the two are often seen on the reality star’s Instagram. He was previously in a three-year-long relationship with model Sofia Richie, currently 22 years old.

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