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London’s Top Dermatologist Dr Shawana Vali Shares 3 Essential Tips For Great Skin

When you want good hair, you see a celebrated hairstylist and when you want great skin you see a dermatologist. Not any dermatologist, but the genius behind some of the world’s royalty, Victoria’s Secret models, and some of the world’s most powerful CEOs. It’s time to meet one of the world’s most coveted dermatologists Dr Shawana Vali.

Dr Vali is one of the top cosmetic dermatologists who has been certified from both King’s College London and UCLA, moreover, she has a first-class degree and fellowships with professionals from Los Angeles to Monaco to the Middle East.

“I am famous for giving my clients make-up free skin, my less-is-more approach means reducing the amount of heavy emollients and creams and using only products with active ingredients to target the specific skin condition.” says the expert. “My ‘By Dr Vali’ New Breed Skin Technology product line has a patented molecule that carries the prescription grade ingredients to the cellular layer, to get your skin cells working for themselves, from the inside out”

Dr Vali does not advocate for beauty or aesthetic trends on social media, and warns about the rise of the ‘Instagram Face’. “Getting your eyebrows lifted or your cheekbones aligned is a personal choice, but it’s not a beauty treatment, it’s a medical procedure. Following trends that distort the anatomy are risky and create a cookie-cutter face. Respecting heritage and individual anatomy is the key to creating subtle enhancements, reversing and restoring the ageing process.”

Dr Vali also went on to share 3 basic essentials for make-up free skin:

  • Avoid heavy emollients and moisturising creams that make the skin-cells lazy, your skin cells need to start working for you.
  • Use a medical grade active product that works to fix your cells on a cellular level.
  • Always use an SPF even on days you don’t leave the house. Protecting the skin cells from environmental damage is the key to reducing the cellular damage.

Dr Vali, who is the founder of the world famous ‘LMS Wellness’ and ‘By Dr Vali’ brand believes in working from the inside-out. And we suggest that you take cues from the expert when it comes to a skincare routine.


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