Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray reveals Josie’s return in Season 5

Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray previews Josie McCoy’s return in season 5. Since its debut on The CW in 2017, the series, which is based on the Archie Comics while also giving its live-action characters a darker edge, has attracted a sizable fan base. After high school graduation, the adaptation jumps seven years into the future for Season 5.

The jump has allowed Murray’s character, Josie, to make a comeback. Josie was a key character on Riverdale for a while, but she left to join the short-lived Katy Keene spinoff, which was cancelled by The CW after only one season. Murray is now speaking about Josie’s long-awaited return and her involvement in a musical episode, following her appearance in the trailer for part 2 of Riverdale season 5.

Murray opened her interview with TV Line to promote the episode, which will air on September 8, by revealing that she hadn’t expected to resume her role as Josie after Katy Keene was cancelled. During Riverdale’s seven-year break, the actress also stated that her character had attained massive success.

This below is a quote by Murray

“She’s at the peak of her profession. All of her goals have come true. She is fully immersed in them. She is on a world tour and is at the top of all the music charts. She’s the Josie she’d always imagined for herself.”


It’ll be interesting to watch how that all plays out, and Murray’s comeback is now planned as a one-time guest appearance. Riverdale’s problems with inclusion aren’t going to be fixed in a single episode. It will require time and a sustained, determined effort.

But, for those who have been screaming for a Josie-centric episode of the teenage drama since the show’s first season, it appears like the character will finally have her moment in the spotlight.

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