QTCindrella Rushed To Emergency After Getting Inured By Glass Door, Reveals Ludwig

Ludwig has revealed that his partner QTCindrella is hospitalized following a collision with a glass door that left her nose injured and gave her mild concussions.

Ludwig is one of the most famous streamers of Twitch. While he was live on-stream talking to his fans, QTCindrella walked in from behind seemingly holding her nose. She seemed in pain evidently and this prompted Ludwig to go check her out.

What Happened?

However, he then abruptly shut his stream and also shut QTC’s stream in the other room. Ludwig then rushed her to emergency room because of the injury.

Fans and followers were worried about the Twitch stars but now Ludwig has revealed that QTCindrella is doing good and there is nothing serious.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Ludwig wrote “Don’t worry, nothing to be too alarmed by. Just going to make sure she’s ok.”

‘She Ran Full Speed Into A Glass Door’

“Ended stream early to take QT to the ER… she ran full speed into a glass door LOL,” Ludwig explained.

QTCindrella retweeted Ludwig and tried to make a humor out of the whole situation by quoting the tweet as “Glass Door: 1 Me:0′.

The two should return to streaming in no time as the injury sustained by QTC is not a deep or serious one. We send her best wished and hope that she recovers quickly.

Ludwig’s Secret YouTube Channel

Recently, Ludwig also revealed that he has a secret YouTube channel.

Ludwig started a new channel on YouTube and pledged to grow it in terms of views and subscribers without using his existing brand image and not showing his face in the videos. But why would Ludwig decide to do such a thing?

Well, Ludwig wanted to prove that being successful on YouTube is a ‘skill’ and not just ‘luck’. His secret channel reached close do 10,000 subscribers in a short span of time and Ludwig has finally revealed the channel name to the world.

The secret YouTube channel of Mizkif is called ‘Online Lore’.

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