Mizkif Hints That He Would Not Quit Twitch For YouTube Gaming

Mizkif is one of the most talented streamers on Twitch. He is known for his interactive and engaging streams that keep the audience hooked.

The streamer recently revealed that he turned down a $300,000 sponsorship deal from an undisclosed NFT company. Lately a lot of big names from Twitch have been shifting to YouTube Gaming in exclusive deals. But is Mizkif going to do the same if he is offered a massive bag by YouTube?

‘I Am Twitch-Oriented’

When this discussion was brought up in one his latest streams, Mizkif suggested that he certainly likes the ‘Twitch culture’ more than it’s counterpart YouTube Gaming. He has been active on the platform since a long time now and has built a firm base of followers.

“I don’t know. I’m never going to say the door is not open,” Mizkif said about moving to YouTube Gaming initially. But then he seemed ti his mind. “I love the culture of Twitch. Until that fades or is at a point where I believe it’s not good, I don’t think I would leave.”

“If I had an ecosystem to work with, I would be much more willing. I totally would switch over. But until that ecosystem is there, I do not see myself wanting to leave here. Because the reality is I am so Twitch-oriented.”

Rise Of YouTube Gaming

Former Twitch streamers like Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman are amongst YouTube Gaming’s biggest poaches of the year so far. They made the move with an exlcusive contract to stream on YouTube.

With a lot of big Twitch names leaving the platform to make a shift to YouTube Gaming, many think that Twitch will soon lose its relevance.

There a lot of platforms for streamers but Twitch has been the industry leader so far. With no competition even close to the Amazon-owned Twitch, it finally feels that there streaming race is getting heated up as YouTube Gaming proves to be a real challenger to Twitch.

YouTube Gaming has also revealed that it would add more Twitch-like features to attract more audience and streamers to their platform. This includes gifted memberships, channel raids, and more.

But what is Twitch doing to counter the rise of YouTube Gaming? MrBeast thinks that Twitch isn’t doing anything to compete with YouTube Gaming.


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