Ludwig Reveals His Secret YouTube Channel To The World

Twitch star Ludwig is an excellent streamer and YouTuber. He recently shocked his fans by revealing his brand new YouTube channel which was kept a secret so far.

Ludwig started a new channel on YouTube and pledged to grow it in terms of views and subscribers without using his existing brand image and not showing his face in the videos. But why would Ludwig decide to do such a thing?

Why A New Channel?

Well, Ludwig wanted to prove that being successful on YouTube is a ‘skill’ and not just ‘luck’. His secret channel reached close do 10,000 subscribers in a short span of time and Ludwig has finally revealed the channel name to the world.

The secret YouTube channel of Mizkif is called ‘Online Lore’.

In the latest video on his main channel. Ludwig said that he hired a voice artist from Fiverr to do the audio and an editor to put the clips together. He made his first video about fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif.

“The reason I did it on Mizkif is because I have a decent amount of knowledge on this so I’m speaking as an authority,” Ludwig said.

10,000 Subscribers

“If I somehow get this video uploaded and get Mizkif to click on it, he’ll probably watch it. If I can get Mizkif to watch this in front of 45,000 people, then I think that’s a win.”

Ludwig donated $50 to Mizkif’s chat and the streamer ended up watching Ludwig’s secret channel’s video in front of his stream viewers. This was the big moment! While the chat of Mizkif did say that it was a ‘self promotion’, it did not have any affect on Mizkif who watched the video with his stream.

Ludwig’s video had 68k views at the time he revealed the secret channel on his main account. Now, that video has crossed more than 100,000 views and the channel has more than 10,000 subscribers.

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