Netflix’s Squid Game Viewership Reached Nearly 2 Billion Minutes News

Netflix’s Squid Game Viewership Reached Nearly 2 Billion Minutes

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October 23, 2021

Squid Game, Netflix’s big hit, has approximately 2 billion minutes viewed. The Hwang Dong-hyuk-created series premiered on Netflix on September 17th.

It became a hit almost instantly. After its first weekend, the show quickly gained traction, and within 10 days, it had climbed to the top of Netflix’s ratings. Squid Game is the first Korean show to reach the top of Netflix’s top 10 list. The show surpassed the previous record holder, Bridgerton, with over 142 million viewers in its first 28 days, according to Netflix.

Viewership of 2 Billion Minutes

Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept a mystery invitation to participate in children’s games in this South Korean show. The players quickly discover that losing has a fatal consequence.

For its portrayal of subjects such as capitalism and class struggle, the series received critical and popular praise. The show has now reached a new milestone, according to reports.

According to THR, Squid Game has received 1.91 billion minutes of viewing time. These incredible figures represent a nine-fold increase over the prior week of streaming. Despite the fact that the series appeared to be a slow launch in its first few days, Netflix has since begun applauding it as their most-watched television debut to date.

Squid Game is expected to generate approximately $900 million in value for the company, according to the streamer.

Netflix appears to be unable to find a more effective form of advertising than word of mouth. According to reports, a significant part of the show’s success is due to how many people have joined TikTok and Twitter, and users aren’t just going to offer their opinions.

Many people have recreated the games shown in the show on TikTok. While Netflix had little expectation for the show outside of South Korea, social media’s connection has meant that Squid Game is being talked about all around the world. In reality, Squid Game’s audience is multi-cultural to the extent of two-thirds.

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