Only Murders in the Building Have the Potential to Change the Season’s Setting

Only Murders in the Building’s co-creator has hinted that the show’s signature setting may be abandoned in future seasons.

The series, which is a mix of murder mystery and comedy, follows three strangers (Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez) who live in the fictional Arconia building and share a passion for true crime.

Shortly after crossing paths and sharing their views about a successful podcast, the three find themselves investigating the murder of Tim Kono (Julian Cihi) and starting their own podcast, which gradually grows in popularity over the course of the first season.

Potential to Change the Season’s Setting

Now that the end of Only Murders in the Building has aired, fans know who killed Tim: Jan (Amy Ryan). Jan arranged his death and disclosed that she had a dark history beneath the facade of a soft-spoken bassoon musician after their relationship ended horribly.

The episode ended with the show’s three major characters being arrested for their potential involvement in the murder of Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell), Arconia’s lead board member. Only Murders in the Building season 2 has already been renewed, and the twist opens up a lot of options.

After the conclusion, Hoffman spoke with ELLE about co-creating Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin. When asked where the Hulu smash might go in its second season, Hoffman gave a little peek at what viewers can expect. He also admitted that, in order for the idea to continue, the setting might have to shift away from Arconia.

Hoffman, on the other hand, appears to have a definite plan for what he wants to accomplish in Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building. And it’s possible that the change away from the Arconia will be gradual as the murder mystery develops. Or perhaps the building will become less dangerous as the trio of podcasters solves strange cases outside their apartment complex’s walls. Season 2 filming is set to begin soon, so fans won’t have to wait long to learn more.


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